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Welcome to the listing collective of Christine/Chrissy. My first fanlisting this is kind of embarrassing, for the song "I Am What I Am" by the Jonas Brothers! I still love that song though. ♫ Since then, I have started many other listings, ranging from the hate of Croc shoes to concept of closure. Take a look around - you just might fight something you like. ♥


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Finished the Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) by Lindsay Lohan fanlisting yesterday and finished the Adam Lambert fanlisting today! =^_^=
May 10, 2010

I'm just on a roll lately! New layout over at the teeth fanlisting!!!!
April 20, 2010

Put a new layout up on the Natural/Unmodified Eyebrows fanlisting! ^_^
April 18, 2010

Finished the fanlisting for Jet Cord from The Amazing Race season 16!
April 6, 2010

Got approved for the Jet Cord fanlisting from The Amazing Race season 16!!! I'm so excited - I love those cowboys! Expect to see that soon. :)
April 3, 2010

Oh how the time has passed since I last updated! :) For a while I was kind of neglecting my fanlistings, and only coming on to update them every 2 months (as is required). I decided to get rid of some, so I closed the fanlisting for Piercing, SmartFTP, and Twilight Movie Trailers and TV Promos. I adopted the Edward Cullen

physical fanlisting out to Camilla, located here. I also adopted the Emmett Cullen physical fanlisting out to Kate, located here. Lastly, Mayumi adopted my fanlisting for the relationship between Edward and Renesemee Cullen, which can be found here. Now they are all in very good hands. :D I will be applying for two more fanlistings soon - yay!
March 24, 2010

Open: Taylor Swift - Crazier, Taylor Swift - Fifteen, and Taylor Swift - Invisible. I actually opened them like...a week or se ago, but I forgot to put an update here. xD I submitted them to TFL the day after I got approval, so it's going to be a while before they are updated on the network there. I know you want to join. ;D Also, today I adopted the Miley Cyrus fanlisting from Lora. ^_^ Take a looksie here.
May 31, 2009

I just thought I'd update this so everyone knows that the collective isn't dead, haha. I changed the size of some of the fonts on this site because I just realized that 6.5pt is pretty small...I don't know what I was thinking when I made them that size, lol. Also, I joined a lot of new fanlistings this weekend, and now I think it's time for me to do some homework, y/n?
May 10, 2009