Who's Your Mommy?

August 05, 2004

Greetings from Sikeston, Missouri!

Jenny and I just finished a yummy breakfast at Skinny's Diner where "it's all good." The waitress who helped us was currently "in training" and kind of reminded me of Daryl Hannah's character in Steel Magnolias. She had the southern accent and a slight awkwardness, but was totally friendly and really wanted to perform her job well. After we ordered, she came by to refill our coffees (she did this about 5 million times as did the other waitresses in the diner). Here's the conversation that ensued:


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Waitress: So, you folks travelling?
Abby: Yup
Waitress: Are you two mother and daughter?
Abby: [look of shock and speechless]
Jenny: [starts laughing] Ummm, no...we're just friends...she's only a year older than I am.
Waitress: Oh, ok, I wasn't sure so I thought I'd ask.
Jenny: Wait, who did you think was the mom?
Waitress: [Guilty look] Her. [Points to ABBY] She kind of looks like a mom.
Abby: Oh, ok.

End conversation.

This was quite a bizarre encounter, and I have to admit that people sometimes ask me if I am a mother when they see me with babysitting charges, but I have never been accused of being a mother to a 22 year old. I would have to be in my 40s or something, right? Do I look that old???

Anyway, it's off to Memphis, Tennessee to pay homage to the King at Graceland.



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here's what we've been up to

August 03, 2004

Hi everyone! Now while it may appear that abby and i have been remiss in our posting duties, the truth is, well we have been. But i did write a super-long post about two days ago that was accidentally deleted, which made me very angry. Anyway in that post i recounted our adventures through oregon, all the way down the coast of california on the 101, through the mojave desert, the hottest city in the country, which i can confirm is Needles CA, and arizona.

Let's see, after leaving oregon we stayed at a motel in eureka CA, it sounds like a fun town doesn't it? Well it's not. The entire town consists of a penitentiary and bail bonds places, we actually parked in the jail parking lot incidentally because we couldn't fit in the parking garage of the motel. Notice how I'm disclosing this a week later once we are clear out of there. We then stayed with abby's cousin john in san francisco. He was an awesome host and gave us a tour of the city in the shortbus! it was really fun. And while i was proud of Shortstuff (the bus) for taking the san fran hills like a champ, I'm not gonna lie, i was in the back breathing into a paper bag. We played the musical horn as we drove through town to mess with people.

We continued down the coast and frollicked through the redwoods. We stopped at one of the drive-thru tree places where they carve out a tree and you can drive your car through it, but alas, not even a redwood can handle the shortbus. somewhere in redwood country we lost a front mirror on the bus, one of the extended ones, it's not a huge loss practically, but no one likes to lose pieces of their vehicle as they drive along, am i right?

We drove through monterey and salinas to pay homage to the greatest writer of all time, mr. steinbeck, and then continued on to los angeles. Great place to visit, but i could never live there. I would rather drive through corn fields or the desert all day, which i've actually done, than deal with the traffic in the greater la area. anyway that's neither here nor there. We stayed with my aunt donna in newport beach, beautiful place, and we drove into hollywood to see bnl at the greek theater. our friend shane wasn't able to go and was generous enough to give us his tickets for the show. shane this is a shout out to you, you're awesome. anyway much to our surprise they were undoubtedly the best seats in the house. picture this: it's 7:30 pm, still light out when bnl comes on stage. there are four people in the entire front row, two of them are abby and me. we jumped around so much through the whole show there may have been some pointing and staring and/or laughing, but it was fun, boy was it fun. great show. Then we walked around looking for famous people obviously. i found after several minutes that while many people there looked like they could be celebrities, none of them were. figures. later though, dave foley walked by; now i wouldn't be able to pick this guy out of a lineup (well maybe out of a lineup), but abby is a huge fan so she talked to him for a minute, nice fellow.

We left the next morning for the grand canyon and stayed the night just outside of it hoping to catch the sunrise. what made us think that we would actually rise before the sun i do not know. but we did spend the morning walking around taking pictures and such. yes it is breathtaking just as i suspected it would be.

Next we went to albequerque NM to see a show and visit with abby's aunt. it was a lovely neighborhood and we had a great dinner (wheat and meat free to my pleasant surprise.) The conversation was great, although it brought to my attention how disconnected you get from world events when you're on the road. the venue was literally 15 minutes from the house so we decided we'd hang out and talk with abby's aunts and cousin until just before bnl went on at 9:30. We got there at like 9:15, juuust in time, or so we thought. Turns out that bnl opened the show and had just finished. Disappointed? yes. so we gave our second row seats to some alanis fans and left.

We spent all day yesterday in the mountains of colorado. Beautiful it was, but we found out quickly that neither abby nor myself are mountain girls. we huffed and puffed around town all day trying to figure when exactly we got so out of shape. right now i'm sitting at a holiday inn express in kansas. we sort of were both feeling down in the dumps yesterday and i think not showering for a few days and sleeping in the bus and driving so much was just wearing us out. So i said, let's go champ, we're going to a hotel. turns out it's just what the doctor ordered. not that i can afford this place, but it was necessary. We're both feeling better and i'm sure we'll be raring to go in the morning. we're also taking advantage of their internet and free breakfast, you can bet on that. ok well i guess that's it for now. We just watched last comic standing where our dear old friend gary gulman is tearing it up!!! everyone vote for him!! funniest AND nicest guy around. ok that's all for me, if i remember any special stories i'll post more.. meet me in st. louis

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Jen On Car Repair:

yeah i got the bus to work i think last you heard the problem was teh starter, so richard insisted that he and i fix it ourselves, so we bought a new starter and he had me hold the 50 pound thing in the air while he putzed around with nuts and bolts... good times

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